Why You Should Go to the FRG Meeting

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When I was a new milspouse I was greeted by the FRG leader and invited to the next FRG meeting.  She must’ve seen the look on my face because she immediately asked, “You’re wondering why you should go to the FRG meeting, aren’t you?”.

Besides the embarrassment of getting called out, I had to admit that I really didn’t see the point.  I worked full-time and was self-sufficient enough to think I didn’t “need’ the FRG.  Since my husband was in a leadership position in the unit I figured I should go, pretty much just to look like a team player.  Boy, am I glad that I did!

Why You Should Go to the FRG Meeting Reason #5 

On more than one occasion I’ve wondered “Why?!” when my husband has left on yet another 3 week-long training exercise.  Especially the ones when there isn’t a deployment in sight.  It can be hard to wrap your head around.

Guess what?  The commander will typically tell you the purpose of the exercise!  At least, as much as they can.  They may train on new equipment, act as enemy forces for a unit that’s about to deploy, or practice standard operating procedures to keep themselves in good shape.

The constant separations can be difficult, but knowing why can help take the sting out of tough times.

Why You Should Go to the FRG Meeting Reason #4

Have you ever moved to a new duty station and wondered what there was to do in the area?  If you haven’t, you’re a special breed of person.

Beyond the training calendar and unit activities the FRG Leader usually goes over all the events on post and in the community for the next month.  When I was an FRG Leader I created a monthly social calendar of fun runs, farmers markets, shows, parades etc for the surrounding community.  If you’re not savvy about your city this is a great way to get familiar with activities near you.

Why You Should Go to the FRG Meeting Reason #3

As far as I’m concerned, there’s absolutely no reason to not attend FRG meetings just before and during a deployment.

The FRG meeting just before deployment will answer 99.9% of the questions you have.  You’ll receive the estimated window for when the unit will leave, red cross contact information in case you need to get in contact with your soldier and so much more.

There are typically tables set up for various resources available during the deployment.  You can learn about CYS  benefits, how to set up power of attorney, make appointments to have a will created and so much more.  You should leave that meeting with all the tools you need to have a successful deployment.

Meetings when the unit are gone are just as important.  You’ll get mailing addresses and troop movements at the meetings.  Towards the end of the deployment you’ll get the redeployment window.  The people who attend the meeting will be among the first to know when their soldier will be home!

Why You Should Go to the FRG Meeting #2

Do you want to get more involved in the unit but you’ve no idea how?  I never let a meeting go by without announcing that I would love more volunteers.  Also, even if no announcement for volunteers is made, you’ll have access to both the FRG leader and the commander, which are the people you’d have to contact about volunteering anyway.

Why You Should Go to the FRG Meeting #1

One of the best places to look for friends is within your spouse’s unit.  These women (or men) have husbands who’re working the same hours as yours, deployed at the same time as yours, and are just in the same boat as you are.

Attending the FRG meeting with your husband gives him the perfect opportunity to introduce you to the wives of the guys that he works with it.  You may make good couples friends or even mommy friends.

So Go!

There are so many obstacles to milspouse life.  The FRG meeting provides a one stop shop for solving some of the biggest questions you may have.  I’d say that’s totally worth one hour every month… wouldn’t you?

Why You'd Should Go to FRG Meetings

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35 thoughts on “Why You Should Go to the FRG Meeting

  1. I’m not military, so I’ve never heard of an FRG meeting. It sounds like that’s some sort of support group for families with a deployed family member. Is that right? It sounds like is a really good way to find support during the deployment.

  2. As someone that doesn’t know what an FRG meeting is I found this post very interested. I can see why you all need each other. Everyone can relate to each other and be there when you need them the most. It’s a community.

  3. I haven’t had any immediate family in the military, but I know of people who’ve had husbands serve and it was hard on them. I know now, that one in particular had the help and support that she and her girls could get when her husband was deployed with other women in the same boat. It’s a wonderful thin that you guys do and thank you for your service and sacrifice.

  4. It’s my first time to read about FRG meetings though. Honestly, I usually don’t like going to community meetings but when I do, I end up learning and having fun with people within the organization.

  5. I am not a military spouse but I do understand the importance of meetings like this because its a great way to support and network with each other. Such a great resource to have and I’m glad you’ve outlined these reasons to help someone else make these decisions in the future!

  6. I’m not a military spouse, but I do see the importance of connecting with other individuals in your same situation. You presented great information on the importance of attending the FRG meetings.

  7. Wow, it sounds like a great way to connect. Please excuse my not knowing… (I learnt a lot reading through your post just now) but what does FRG stand for please?

  8. It sounds like a great opportunity to communicate, create a network and bond with other people! I love seing other peoples experiences that are so different than my current lifestyle!

    1. I think it’s the best way to become a part of the community! You’re in a room with 150 soldiers plus their family members who are all living the exact same lifestyle. Probably the best resource we have to help us on our paths to mental/emotional wellness through military separations.

  9. I totally think this is a great resource. When we moved into a new city it took forever for us to feel comfortable and three years later, it’s still not the best. I wish my husbands company had something like this to help with the adjustment.

  10. Though I am not a military spouse, I love reading more about your experiences with the different offerings on base. It seems like you are providing such a necessary resource to those in similar circumstances and I can’t imagine the positive impact you have had on folks who are just beginning the process. Thanks for all of the info!

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