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Walgreens: Why You Should Be Jazzed They Take Tricare

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The rules of TriCare constantly change.  Like everything else, businesses have to place bids for government contracts in order to service the military community.  Over the years I’ve had to change our pharmacy retailer several times because of this.  Currently, TriCare uses Walgreens as their national pharmacy retailer.  Personally, I’m pretty jazzed about this and you should be, too!!

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Why is Walgreens Better than Previously Accepted Pharmacies?

Now I’m all for small business, but there are a ton of reasons why big retailers can be much better.  Mainly it’s a convenience factor.  There are three ways for you to shop Walgreens.  You can walk into your nearest location, go to their website, or use their app which is available on both the Apple App Store and the Android Market.

You Can Easily Transfer Your Prescriptions From other Pharmacies

Just like at any other pharmacy, you can call your doctor and have them send a new prescription to Walgreens.  But sometimes you’re halfway through a medication, your doctor isn’t available immediately, or for one reason or another you can’t have an electronic prescription sent.  That’s where the app comes in.  All you have to do is snap a picture of your current pill bottle and the pharmacists at Walgreens will do the rest for you.

Other Cool Things About the Walgreens App

Seriously, I can’t say enough how cool this app is.  You can easily refill your prescriptions with a single tap, which is a no brainer.  But you can also put any medication with refills on autofill so you never end up skipping a dose because you forgot to call it in.  You can set pill reminders so you never miss a dose.  This would have been huge for me back in the day when I was on a daily birth control that I needed take at the same time.  You can ask questions about medications and your health 24/7 via their Pharmacy Chat.

There’s Also a One Stop Shop Aspect

You can also do so much more than just fill prescriptions at Walgreens.  Did you know you could order contact lenses through Walgreens?  Scroll down for a 20% off coupon code off of any contact lens offer.  It’s valid through the end of the year!  I’m also hooking you up with a coupon for 40% OFF Photo Cards & Gifts with code 40CARDSNGIFTS + Free In Store Pick Up!  I’ve used Walgreens to make my christmas cards for years and there’s even an option to pick some of them up in an hour!  This is amazing for me because I’m a super procrastinator.

Life is crazy enough for moms, military momma life can be downright insane!!  Walgreens makes the little things simple and I appreciate it.



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