The Natural Birth of My Rainbow Baby

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I can’t believe that it’s almost been a month since I gave birth to Patrick Anthony.  What a whirlwind it’s been!  I figure it’s about time I share my experience with all of you before the birth memory haze sets in.  This was my second natural birth and my third rainbow baby.

Patrick Anthony was born on 19 September 2018 at 21:21.  He weighed 8 pounds 5 ounces and measured 19 inches long.

Mr. CrazyMilspouse and I’ve had a difficult journey in creating our family.  This was my 8th pregnancy and I had only had 2 lives births before.  My two older sons were both rainbow babies and so is Patrick.

It All Started With a Routine Check Up

On Tuesday, September 18th I had my usual weekly obstetrics appointment.  My OB did a cervical favorability check in case I had an induction the next week.  I was shocked to find out that I was already 5 cm dilated.  My doctor decided to perform a membrane sweep to help kick my labor into gear.

I called my mother-in-law on my way home to let her know how my appointment went.  She planned on coming out to Texas to watch the two older boys while I was in the hospital.  While there wasn’t any real news I wanted to give her the heads up that I had a membrane sweep.  She decided to hop on the next flight out!  I thought she was nuts but she obviously knew something that I didn’t.

We spent that evening playing with the boys and just enjoying a quiet evening at home.  I kept apologizing to my mother-in-law for not being in labor.  My father-in-law owns a medical practice and she’s the office manager.  I felt terrible, knowing I was leaving him in the lurch.

We Decided to Make the Most of Our Time Together

I woke up on the 19th feeling completely fine.  At that point I was desperate to go into labor! Talk about pressure!  While Mr. CrazyMilspouse went to class, we decided to take the boys to the mall to get a long walk in.  Normally, I’d walk outside in the neighborhood, but it was over 95 degrees that day in Dallas!

We actually had a very nice morning with the boys and looking back, I’m glad we did it.  We rode the carousel, ate junk food and just had a silly “grandma spoils us” kind of a day.

Once the boys were down for their afternoon nap I changed into comfy clothes and had pretty much resigned myself that labor wasn’t going to happen anytime soon.

Mr. CrazyMilspouse is Such a Worrier

My husband walked in on me in the restroom a few hours later.  He glanced into the toilet and asked me if this was the first time I spotted.  It wasn’t, which is why I didn’t really think much of it.  The previous day my doctor told me that some spotting was normal especially since I’d dilated pre labor.  That was an unacceptable answer to him and he demanded that I call my doctor to let them know.  Have I mentioned that my husband is a worry wart when it comes to our health?!

My OB is fantastic and told me to head to labor and delivery just to put my husband’s mind at ease.  So we kissed the boys goodbye and headed to the hospital.

The triage nurses were very nice and I figured I’d be sent home.  I mean, I wasn’t in any pain and my braxton hicks pains weren’t anywhere near consistent.  That was until the cervical check.  Lo and behold, I was 7 cm dilated.

No idea I was heading for a natural birth

Who Just Walks Around 7cm Dilated?

The nurses were so matter of fact that I almost didn’t believe it!  She’d barely taken her gloves off and before she sent someone to prepare a delivery room.  Mr. CrazyMilspouse ran down to the car to grab my hospital bag.  We’d left them in the car since I was sure we wouldn’t stay.  While he was gone my OB popped his head into my room to let me know that he’d be back in a few minutes to break my waters.

It all felt very fast and premature since I STILL WASN’T IN PAIN! All the nurses laughed as I walked down the hall because they’d never seen someone that far into labor not even slightly uncomfortable.

Once he broke my water I finally had what felt like the beginnings of real contractions.  They still weren’t painful by any means but they started in my lower back and wrapped around the way that I remember with my two previous deliveries.

I Really Had No Intention of Having a Natural Birth

They asked me if I wanted pain meds at this point.  I’m all for pain meds.  I remember begging for them during labor with my first.  But at this point I wasn’t remotely in pain.  I let them know that I did want them but since I remembered it stalling my second delivery, I wanted to wait until I was at a point when I felt like I needed them.

About an hour later I had another cervical check.  This time I was 8 cm dilated.  My doctor offered me pitocin to speed things along.  Since I was so far dilated anyway, he figured it would be the last push I needed.

Boy was he right!! Within 15 minutes of the drip starting my contractions intensified.  I went from no pain to serious holy cow make it stop pain.  I hit the nurse call button and begged for an epidural.  They started my saline drip and checked my cervix again.

While I writhed in pain waiting for someone to sign off on an epidural, there was an unspoken signal that everyone in the room received.  That is, everyone but me.

A Completely Unplanned Natural Birth

The doctor and all the nurses began scrubbing in.  A plastic sheet was placed beneath me.  A flurry of new staff began to prep the baby area of the room.  I watched all of this in disbelief.

My doctor looked me dead in the eye and then said the last thing I wanted to hear.  “You can wait 20 minutes for your blood work to come back and to finish that bag of saline, then get an epidural, or you can push and have that baby right now.”  Basically, you can writhe in pain for 20 more minutes or you can make the pain 10 times worse but be done sooner.  What a decision to have to make!

I remember looking at my husband and him just silently shaking his head, like “girl, we can totally do this.”

So we did.

Fortunately, I only had to push for about 5 minutes and our beautiful little boy was born.  From the first uncomfortable contraction to hearing Patrick’s first cries only took about 45 minutes.

Such a Beautiful Little Boy

There isn’t anything as perfect as newborn.  I wish I could bottle that new smell.  It’s baffling how they smell so good as soon as they’re born.

We were able to spend the remainder of our hospital stay falling in love with our baby, absolutely worry free. The care that we received at Baylor, Scott, and White- Frisco was exemplary.  Even the food was fantastic!  Concierge style room service whenever we wanted.  We even got a celebration dinner of filet mignon and lobster tails.  I seriously couldn’t imagine a better experience.

While it wasn’t exactly how I would’ve planned, I’m very happy with how Patrick’s natural birth happened.  We’re all healthy and settling in quite nicely as a family of 5!

The Natural Birth of Our Rainbow Baby

26 thoughts on “The Natural Birth of My Rainbow Baby

  1. Never having children, I had to look up rainbow baby just to confirm what I thought it had meant. Even as a complete stranger I’m delighted in the health of everybody, I know it’s only been a few days but cheers for a lifetime of health and happiness for the family!

  2. I’m so happy to hear that your rainbow baby arrived safely. You’re a strong woman to have endured 8 pregnancies without the outcome everyone would desire. Enjoy your little one!

  3. LOL the later ones seem to come faster, don’t they? I had NO IDEA I was in labor with my second/last – the only real pain I had was on the car ride to the hospital, because I wasn’t moving around – my water broke as soon as I stepped out of the car, and 15 min later (BEFORE I WAS FULLY CHECKED IN, MIND YOU!) I gave birth in of all places the bathroom!

  4. I love reading birth stories! I can’t believe you were at 7 and didn’t feel much! I had an epidural with my first, but I was induced so those pitocin contractions started immediately! My second was an emergency cesarean. Such different births, but still amazing. And I remember the same thing when all of a sudden so many things started happening with both births and it made it seem so real! Once I had the epidural with my first I actually fell asleep for an hour and a half!!

    1. I fell asleep with the epidural during my 2nd pregnancy! I woke up to the nurses flipping the lights on and telling me it was time to “practice push”. Whatever the heck that is… I had Robbie 3 pushes later lol

  5. I am so glad that it turned out to be a wonderful experience, well minus the pain. LOL. May you explain the rainbow baby part. I am not sure what that means.

  6. Congratulations!!!! You are on tough mama. I am too scared to do a natural birth. I know our bodies are made for it but oooo the pain with my son was terrible. Congrats on your beautiful rainbow baby!

    1. Girl, I’m too scared too!! I’ve done it twice and neither one was my first choice! My body seems to go from zero to 100 rather quickly. With my second I was induced and received my epidural very early. It slowed my labor down significantly. Thats why I held off on it this time.

  7. Thank you for making us part of your journey. I can relate to you, I had both my children naturally, the first one by choice, the second one, she was too fast. I truly enjoy reading your amazing stories.

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