Interested in a Personally Procured Move?

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Now that you know the basics of how a standard move works, it’s time to learn about performing a personally procured move.

What’s a Personally Procured Move?

These used to be called DITY moves, short for Do IT Yourself.  In a personally procured move, it’s your job to pack, load, transport and unload all of your belongings.

Why Choose a Personally Procured Move?

The biggest advantage to a PPM is monetary.  The government will pay 95% of what they estimate it would cost them to move you.  If you can do it for less than that amount, you get to keep the difference.  I’ve heard some people make thousands of dollars by moving themselves.  I have many friends who’ll only move themselves for this reason.

Another advantage is control.  You know what’s valuable and what isn’t.  You’ll more likely than not take extra care with your belongings.

What are the Disadvantages?

The downside to the money is that it doesn’t get paid to you up front.  That means everything comes out-of-pocket.  Technically, you’re allowed to request an advance of up to 60% of the estimated move cost.  Keep in mind, with the wide-spread use of the government travel card less and less of those advances are awarded.  You’re told to use your travel card for all expenses.  Ideally, you’ll get reimbursed before the first payment is due on the card.  Since turnaround isn’t always that good, you may have to make a credit card payment or two before you can clear out the balance.  For many of you that isn’t devastating but it’s worth keeping in mind when weighing out all of your options.

Another disadvantage is that you do all the work.  You need to pack, wrap, box, and load everything yourself.  That can be a daunting task, especially if it comes down to only one or two people doing the manual labor.  You’ll need to go purchase all your own boxes, packing paper, and tape yourself.  You’ll need to rent a U-Haul, POD or cargo van yourself.  You’re responsible for weigh tickets, gasoline receipts and every other type of receipt connected with your move.

Then there’s the claims process.  Basically, there’s no claims process.  You’re 100% liable for what happens to your belongings.  You won’t get reimbursed for any damages.  Ideally, you took great care and nothing happened, but the chances of that are pretty slim.

Those are some pretty stressful negatives…

I know.  But the monetary incentive can be HUGE.  If reading some of this has put you off of doing it yourself, check out my quick comparison of the three main types of moves.  If you know you want to do none of the heavy lifting, but are curious about the steps in a standard move, click here.

Personally Procured Move


21 thoughts on “Interested in a Personally Procured Move?

  1. I don’t mind doing all the hard work myself as long as it provides me with all the control possible! Thank you for sharing all these useful info!

  2. This is very useful.imformation for those who need it. It is good of you to share in such detail to help those who have to make this change. It’s good that the government helps in this way.

  3. We moving with the different office and I just wanna say pretty tired much and of course there’s a lot of adjustment including the place and the workplace also.
    Maysz recently posted…Fake HappyMy Profile

  4. When my husband and I moved to Texas from Florida, we looked at paying movers, and it was sooooo much more expensive than doing it ourselves. Of course, I wasn’t able to help much because I was 20 weeks pregnant with our second son, but luckily his dad was able to take time off to help. I can see how you could end up with a lot of money back knowing the price differences now.
    Stephanie recently posted…2018 Garden Update #15: Brutal Summer HeatMy Profile

  5. This is a great idea for people moving. I agree will all you’ve just said, packing and unpacking is a very tedious work. This will surely help.

  6. We’ve never done a DITY move but (depending on where we go next), I’m really considering it. We have had damages from (almost) every PCS, without ever being reimbursed, even though we submitted photos before and after, receipts, everything. So if that’s going to continue happening, might as well pack up ourselves and try to make some money instead of losing it!

    1. Oh my gosh… that stinks!! It can be heart breaking watching them unload your belongings and doing more harm then good… to not get reimbursed is terrible!

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