Personally Procured Move, Partially Personally Procured Move, or Standard Move

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So you’ve finally received orders.  After the jumps for joy (or tears of denial) you have a big decision to make.  Will you do a personally procured move, a partially personally procured move, or a standard move?

Personally Procured Move or Standard Move

What is a Standard Move?

A standard move is the easiest way to move.  The government does everything.  Through the Defense Personal Property System (DPS) you will be able to complete self-counseling, submit your own application and track your shipment.  On your application you can even request your preferred movers.

Once movers and a move date has been assigned to you, the government really takes over.  Movers will come to your home, pack up all your belongings, load them into a moving truck and deliver them to your new home.  They will even unpack you (though I suggest only having them do the kitchen).

You then file claims for any damaged, broken, or lost items through DPS.  So, overall, the standard move is the easiest method.  If you are doing an OCONUS move, it will more likely than not be your only option.

What is a Personally Procured Move?

Think of a personally procured move as a “do it yourself” move.  As a matter of fact that’s exactly what it used to be called (DITY move).  You will do it ALL yourself.  Pack, unpack, load and unload.  You will be responsible for hiring a U-Haul, ordering a POD, or you could hire your own movers to do the work, but you would be overseeing the entire thing.  The government will give you 95% of the government cost (at what they estimate the cost to be).  If you can do it for cheaper than what they estimate, you get to keep the difference.  This is the government’s way of creating incentive to do it yourself, thus easing their own travel system workload.  Check the government estimate of the cost of your PPM.

But What About a Partially Personally Procured Move?

In a partially personally procured move the government sends movers to pack most of your stuff.  Then you move the rest.  For us, what we move ourselves is anything of sentimental value (wedding video, etc), anything of high value that is easily broken (crystal frames, silver nativity set etc) and all our baby stuff (pack and play, strollers, high chairs etc).  You can earn some money this way if you weigh enough to save some money on the movers.  This is the way my family chooses to PCS.

Still have a bunch of questions?  I’d be shocked if you didn’t!!  I’ll be exploring each of these types of moves in-depth later in this blog series!


15 thoughts on “Personally Procured Move, Partially Personally Procured Move, or Standard Move

  1. All the details involved in moving are definitely crazy enough without involving the military…I can’t imagine how it all falls into place…but it does:) Awesome info!!

  2. Thanks for these tips. I want to find more money but i’m a teenagers now so i think i’ll keep these tips for my future.

  3. DIdn’t know anything about these types of move. What I do know is that we don’t have that where I am. It’s call a company to do it for you thing here in our country haha

  4. I think I would do a partial as well. Some things I want control of, and others I would love to have someone do the hard work for me. I’ve moved 10 times since graduating high school, and every time we have more and more stuff to move, especially now with kids! PS if you want info about digitizing that wedding video if it isn’t already, let me know, I can help 🙂
    Stephanie recently posted…20 Kitchen Ingredient Substitutions in an EmergencyMy Profile

  5. This is very interesting. I had no idea! I am sure regardless, you need a lot of support from those around you as moving is such a life changing event.

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