My Military Child’s First Day of School

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Every momma is nervous for their child’s first day of school.  Will they make friends, will they get lost, will they like their teachers.  The list goes on and on of all the things us mommas worry about.  Add in the crazy caveats that military life brings and it can be down right terrifying.  On my military child’s first day of school I worry so much, I feel like my heart is going to explode.  Please excuse my word vomit as I just get out all the things running through my head tonight…

All the Usual Worries

My son is small for his age and went through a period of delayed speech development.  He’s mistaken for a child several years younger than he actually is fairly frequently.  While his speech flows freely now, I still worry about others understanding him and that hindering his social interactions.

Every year new teachers bring new anxieties.  Am I the only one who wonders if new teaching methods won’t gel with my son’s learning style?  I hope I’m not.  I want my son to have the very best education and I understand that part of that’s about learning and teaching styles.

So basically, it’s all about stress.

My Military Child’s First Day of School

The biggest consideration is whether or not our son goes to an on post school or not.  When we live on post, he tends to have an easier time adjusting.  He can make friends with kids in the neighborhood and have some friendly faces on the first day.  More importantly, the kids and teachers all understand where he’s coming from.  There will be tons of other “new kids” at school.  If his daddy is deployed I know there’s other children going through the same deployment.

At an off post school it can be a blessing or a curse.  I do like the idea of him getting outside of the military bubble and seeing how other kids live and it’s always interesting to hear his point of view on other occupations and lifestyles.  There’s a smaller number of new kids which means that he has to work harder to make a place for himself among children that have been close their entire school careers.

Most of All, I Wonder…

If we’re doing the best job we possibly can in raising our children.  I know that my husband often talks about how selfish he feels when he sees me leave yet another job or his kid’s cry over leaving friends.  Our children didn’t choose this lifestyle.  My husband did and I chose him.  We sacrifice stability again and again in order to support him.  I know some military families where the mom and kids have stopped moving with the service member.  Every family is different, but I know that I could never do that.  I feel that we’re separated enough by the Army and there’s no substitute for my husband’s presence.  Regardless of how infrequent it is.

So on the eve of my military child’s first day of school, I don’t just worry about his reading, writing, and arithmetic.  I’m worried that every life decision that we make will adversely impact his education.  I think that is something that every parent can identify with.

Military Child's First Day of School

8 thoughts on “My Military Child’s First Day of School

  1. Ok, I cannot tell you how much I can relate to this post. My parents were not in the military but were with Embassies and United Nations. At a certain age it sucks to move and make new friends, but the cultures I have experienced and places I have seen in the world are a treasure.

  2. My son will start his nursery soon and I’m allready in stress so what will be when the fist day of school will come? I think I will be more than stressed and there will be million questions Did we do everything right? Did we choose good school?

  3. Hey there, I just want to tell you that your child, while now he might be crying over leaving friends behind , is also given a wonderful opportunity to grow in an ever-evolving world around him, meeting new people and being faced with cultures/difficulties that will make him a better adult! So don’t feel guilty for the lifestyle that “he hasn’t chosen”, the love of his parents is what he would have chosen, and he has loads of that ♥

  4. You have underlined the concerns of a military personnel so well .specially regarding the bringing up of the children…frewuent moves affects the kids most…
    I can empathize..
    God bless

  5. You have so beautifully underlined the issues and concerns what a army personal goes through , specially about the bringing up of the kids….frequent moves affects the kids most…
    Enjoyed reading it.and I can empathize..
    God bless

  6. Hey Nicole! I can relate so much to do this. My kids just cry when they know their new buddies are leaving during the summer and will not come back. But funny thing just happened – we are halfway around the world in Italy and one of Jack’s best buddies from when we were stationed in U.S. is moving here. They won’t be attending the same school again, but we can definitely get together. And he’ll realize that it’s never a permanent good bye, but more of a see you later alligator! Cause this world is PRETTY small if you really think about it.

    Mine will be attending an Italian school this year. I’m excited for them and slightly nervous but I’m sure all will be fine. Here’s to a wonderful school year for all of our kiddos!!

    1. Isn’t it amazing how small the army is? We have had a handful of the same people get the same postings as us for our last 3 duty stations. We are all separated again but I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see some familiar faces down the road! My husbands old battalion commander is brigade commander in 173 over in Italy. They are awesome people!!

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