New Blog Series: Everything You Need to Know About Moving with the Military

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It’s that time of year again.  PCS (Permanent Change of Station) Season.  That means it’s time to learn all about moving with the military.  It can be a confusing, convoluted process.  By the end of this blog series you’re going to know everything you need to know about moving with the military!

Moving With The military

What Are The Different Ways To Go About Moving With The Military?

I’m sure you’ve heard the terms Full PPM, Partial PPM, and a Standard Move.

What Offices Will Handle Your Move?

Your move will be handled by both the Finance Office and Transportation Office.

Who’s Paying For Your Military Move?

This is the most confusing part of all… Technically, the government pays for moving with the military.  There are several ways you can go about this, however.  Some moves (most these days) require use of the government travel card.  Sometimes, you just pay out-of-pocket and keep receipts.  All the receipts.  More receipts than you know what to do with.

We’re Just Scratching The Surface Here

I’m sure I have probably just given you more questions than answers.  Good.  Check out my next post all about the different ways to go about moving with the military.



12 thoughts on “New Blog Series: Everything You Need to Know About Moving with the Military

  1. Moving with the military can be so hectic! I recall back then when my dad was part of the military and they’d actually need to do so much panning! I hated it but I’m glad we don’t go through that since he left.

  2. I am stressed out just preparing for a civilian move…. I can only imagine how much harder a military move is… I think it’s fabulous your putting together posts like this to help military families prepare!

  3. When my husband’s company moved us across the country it was insane the amount of paperwork we had to keep to get reimbursed. Totally worth it though, I can’t imagine what kind of rules the military have for it.

  4. A regular move is stressful and requires lots of juggling. I can’t imagine having to do it so often and coordinating with separate offices.

  5. Moving is never fun. I love unpacking and decorating a new house, but all the logistics are a pain. My husband said he remembers that summer is PCS season and never knew which friends would be at school in the fall and which ones would have moved.
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  6. Aiyiyi! How complicated! (Not that I should be surprised, my baby bro works for the government too – yeah, lots of paperwork, sometimes 10 different ways to do things, and keep those receipts!!!)

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