Is the New Year Bringing Big Changes for You?!

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“Cause, man…. Do we got some stuff coming down the pike….

I think that everyone has some sort of reaction to the end/beginning of a new year.  Personally, I think that it affects milspouses the most.

With how hectic and chaotic military life can get, a new calendar year can bring A LOT of change.  Even when changes are expected the change of year makes it all seem so REAL, ya know?  I’m feeling particularly overwhelmed this year.  Very recently my husband came home with flowers and sushi…. aka bomb dropping gifts.  I was under the impression that he would be changing out of command in the spring and that he would then begin an 18 month MBA program.  Not only was my husband getting to continue his education, as a family we would have solid, non deployable, family time.  But then…. the sushi… and now we are waiting until the end of January to find out if he got picked for a high-profile aide position.  Did I mention the job comes with a 9 month stint in Afghanistan?  So there’s that…

For us, this position has so many implications on our future.  We haven’t decided on the military as a 20 year commitment yet.  The MBA would kick that decision down the road a little.  Which works for us, we like this lifestyle but are still on the fence.  But this job is amazing and opens so many doors for my husband’s career that we would pretty much be making the commitment to 20+years.  It would be silly to take this job and not continue to compete at a higher level in order to maximize his time in the Army.  I’m honestly happy with either course of action.

The not knowing though!!!  Holy Cow!  We have had so much not knowing over the years, that the certainty that I had before was so refreshing.  Having it yanked away hasn’t been easy to deal with.

What crazy things is the military throwing at you in 2018?

17 thoughts on “Is the New Year Bringing Big Changes for You?!

  1. I love your positivity towards the chaotic life of a military member and their family. I hope you guys make the ‘right’ choice, whatever that may be 🙂

  2. sounds like you have great news but hard decisions to make in the new year. I am not sure what 2018 has in store for me but I say “Bring it on”

  3. I can’t imagine being a military spouse with all the uncertainty. I also give props to all military moms after this year when my husband has been traveling for work and we only see him once a month for a day or two. I couldn’t imagine going months. I hope you both find out soon!

    1. Thank you! At least we are half way through January and we will find out by the end of the month! I’m sure you’ve been crushing mom life while your husband is on the road!

  4. For me, I think this year is bringing calming changes as all the craziness with our family/school/work schedule has finally calmed down! I hope everything goes well for you and your husband no matter what happens!

  5. I admire and applaud any of you who purposely choose the military life. My parents were in the military (dad in the army and mom in the air force), but they MET there. Since their service was before they got married and had a family, we didn’t experience what you and so many others have or still do. Thanks to your hubby for his service and you and your family for allowing him to serve!
    Dr. K. Lee Banks recently posted…Pairing Change and Growth with Thoughts and ActionsMy Profile

    1. Thank you! We appreciate all of those that support our family and my husband in particular. My husband joined the military fresh out of college and we married shortly after… so for us, this is all we know in our adult lives. I sometimes wonder how my civilian friends do what they do!

  6. I would be so stressed out about the uncertainty!! So grateful for families like yours who make these sacrifices and have this stress to benefit all of us 🙂

  7. Yep, went into the New Year thinking we were going to Italy. Looks like that is no longer the case but we are staying in San Diego so can’t complain too much.

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