How to Join the FRG

How To Join the FRG

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Now that you know what it is, I bet you’re wondering how to join the FRG! Guess what?  If your spouse or non-married child is in the military….. YOU’RE IN THE FRG! It’s that simple.  Every unit in the military has an FRG, though some are more active than others.

How Do People Know You’re in the FRG

When your loved one signs into his/her unit, one of the many forms they’ll fill out will be a Family Readiness Group contact form.  On this form they’ll provide the name, address, phone number and email address of the person that they want included in the Family Readiness Group.  9 times out of 10, this is the next of kin.  In the modern military and the era of the modern family, more and more fiances and live in significant others make the list.  The FRG advisor (more on them later this week) will determine how involved these non next of kin contacts are within the unit.

Who Keeps Track of Members?

The FRG leader maintains a roster of every soldier in the unit along with all his/her FRG contact information.  At the company level, this has the potential to include 150 or more names!  Ideally, as soon as the commander has new contact information it’s passed on the FRG leader.  As an FRG leader myself, I can honestly tell you that this almost NEVER happens.  My husband is the commander so I have daily access to him… and it still doesn’t happen nearly as quickly as I would like.  In a perfect world, I find out about the new members of the FRG weekly and I reach out to them within 48 hours.  This is much easier said than done and many FRGs aren’t nearly as active or involved to commit to that type of time-table.

Other Ways We Find Our Members

I’ve found over time that in the platoons, teams and squads within the company there’s more likely to spring up friendships between current soldiers and newbies.  My weekly emails now include a little blurb along the lines of “if you know a new spouse who I haven’t contacted please pass along their information so that I can reach out to them as soon as possible.”  In this way, I skip waiting to get updates from my husband and go straight to the source.

Use Social Media to Find the Unit

Another way I learn about new spouses is through social media.  We maintain a private Facebook group for members of our Family Readiness Group.  I highly suggest if you know the name of your soldier’s unit, you search for it on Facebook.  At the very least you’ll find an open Facebook page that you can follow to find out general (non OPSEC violating) information about the unit and functions.  Our Facebook group is private but searchable.  New family members can request membership after answering 3 simple questions.  When I get the requests I run them past my roster or my husband (if they aren’t on the roster).  Once they’re approved I send them a private message welcoming them to the unit and asking them to email me their contact information so that I can update the roster.

What If I still Can’t Find What I Need?

If you’re at a unit and don’t know how to contact your Family Readiness Group… SPEAK UP!!! I don’t know a single FRG leader that doesn’t care about members!  Ask your spouse or child for the FRG leaders contact information… at the very least their names!!  You can find almost anyone on Facebook these days!  If your spouse doesn’t know, ask another spouse in the unit.

It’s amazing how much more connected you’ll feel to military life once you feel included in the FRG!  If you’re still not sure about the basic functions of the FRG, click here!

How to Join the FRG







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  • Daisy

    This is such absolutely fabulous information for all military families!!! What an invaluable resource to be able to have!

  • Kim

    This is great information for those embarking on this experience for the first time. Having a good network is really essential to adjust and live well.

  • Stephanie

    I love that the military has these groups in place to give support to the family. Facebook groups really are a great way to get info to a lot of people at once.

  • Patricia Chamberlain

    I was born on an Air Force Base and although I do not really remember our time there, my mom always talks about the amazing community there. I think it is great that there are support networks like this and that you are able to use social media to connect.

  • Kaitlan

    I didn’t know that this was available to military families! It is so important to have a community of support, so this is just wonderful.

  • Amanda

    I always find it amazing how the spouses and family members of people in the military come together with love and support even when they don’t know the other person. Apart from missing your loved ones it must be nice knowing that there’s always someone who will have your back.

    • nmgilb

      It really is amazing! Last year I gave birth while my husband was deployed. My mom came into town but had to stay with my older son while I was at the hospital. My next door neighbor (whose husband was also deployed) stayed in the hospital with me and even cut the umbilical cord!

  • Rachel

    I did not know about the FRG but wow what a great job you do. So important to connect with others and provide that support in this situation. Best of luck with it x

  • Ayana Pitterson

    I am a current active duty Navy Officer and the information presented here is spot on. My husband is the spouse, not in the military, and although he is invited to many functions, he does not really participate. However, I know that if I am deployed, he does have a strong network to fall back on.

    Thrifting Diva

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