Happy Veteran’s and Armistice Day

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Since Woodrow Wilson declared Armistice Day after World War I, millions have fought to protect the world’s freedoms. They jumped onto Utah beach, planted a flag at Iwo Jima, battled at Chosin Reservoir, fought the battle of la Drang, protected the Gulf, and laid their lives down for one another at Mogadishu. For the last decade and a half they’ve worked tirelessly to stabilize, protect and liberate the Middle East. Many of those currently serving made the decision to join while fighting was occurring on not one, but two different fronts. These men and women are the true heroes of our time.

Everyday I’m surrounded by them.

They’re my neighbors, they’re my friends. And every morning (that the Army allows) I get to wake up beside my hero. I couldn’t ask for a better husband or role model for our sons. I love and appreciate you more than you know, Steve.

Veteran's and Armistice Day

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  1. I’m not reallt that person who read more on historical stories, and just reading through your article, i‘ve learned something new. Well, he is such a great man.

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