First Resolution Checked Off the List!

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And just like that… I’ve accomplished one of my New Year’s Resolutions!  I’ve been wanting to add another class to my weekly calendar of Zumba instruction.

This past Wednesday I had an audition at Austin Peay State University’s Foy Recreation Center.  This was the longest demo I have ever had to do.  Traditionally, a facility will bring you in to one of their current classes and have you lead 2-3 songs in the middle of the class.  This allows them to see how you lead an established class and also lets the current instructors get a feel for how you teach.  Not at APSU!  They put me on the schedule for my own class!  Granted it was during winter break and only 2 people attended, but still.  I liked it!  I wish I had been fully aware of how it was going to work.  I would have put my social media prowess to work and gotten some more people in attendance.  That way I could prove that I could not only lead a class, but drum up business also!  I love that I learn something new at every audition!

The two people in attendance were the group fitness athletic director and her assistant.  It’s a little more stressful when the person judging your technique is actually a participant.  They are going to feel whether or not i was good or not.  It wasn’t just about if it looks good.  Lucky for me, they were both super warm, inviting people and I was completely comfortable with them before class even started.

Then the beat dropped! And I just grooved my tush off!  I am by no means the best Zumba instructor.  Not even close!  But I think I get better everyday and I think that I am pretty darn good with people.  In a fitness format like Zumba, your ability to engage students is just as important as your ability to lead a class.

Long story short…. the audition went well and I got offered not one, but TWO weekly classes.  How’s that for crushing a goal?!  I’m so excited!!


18 thoughts on “First Resolution Checked Off the List!

  1. Congratulations! I think I would have melted into shock or something. Zumba is fun and I wish I lived someplace where I could dance (more like wiggle) my tush off.

    1. Thank you! I’m so excited!! If you’ve ever wanted to check out a Zumba class you can go to and enter your zip code to find a class near you! Most classes only cost about $5!

    1. Yes I will!! With fitness classes you end up getting totally different people on different nights of the week and it’s so important to get face time with as many as people as possible so they follow you to your other classes.

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