tips for preparing for the military movers

10 Best Tips For Preparing For Military Movers

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10 Best Tips to Prepare for Military Movers

I’ve completed 6 moves over the years.  My family likes to do partially procured moves. That means I’ve dealt with my fair share of packers.  It always feels a little weird to have strangers come into your house and pack all your belongings.  But it’s a necessary evil. Read on for the best tips for preparing for military movers.  Believe me, you’ll be glad you did!


Why Do You Have to Prepare?

Take a second and think about everything you own.  Look around you.  Even if you’re sitting in a perfectly clean home that’s completely clutter free, you’ve got a lot of stuff. But guess what the military never gives you… Time.  Packers typically take only one or two days to pack up everything in your house.

Not only are your military movers strangers, they also don’t work for you.  You can give them directions and lay out your expectations but in the end they work for the moving company which answers to the transportation office.


How Messed Up Can it Get?

I actually want to meet the person who’s totally cavalier towards someone else packing their belongings.  Guess who’s not at that level of chill?  I imagine every doomsday scenario that I think could possibly occur.

All you moms out there can relate.  If my son plays outside on his jungle gym I immediately imagine him breaking an arm, stepping in a fire ant pile, stabbing his brother in the eye with a stick…. you get the point.

That’s what I envision happens with the movers.  Broken heirlooms, lost wedding photos, and a full diaper genie.

But don’t take my word for it, I’ve compiled tips from experienced military spouses that have multiple PCS moves under their belts.

10 Best Tips to Prepare for Military Movers

  • “Put all “do not pack” items in a half bathroom, with the door closed and a sign that says “do not enter.” -M. Mahoney
  • “If something is very precious/breakable to you- pack it yourself. A box in a box with a layer of bubble wrap in between the two boxes.” -N. Teruya
  • “Get everything into the room you want it packed with. You left a basket full of art supplies in the bathroom? Guess what! Now it’s getting put in a box with your shower curtains and plungers. And yes, this may or may not have happened to me.” -Rachelle Davis,
  • “Organization/ Labeling” – B. Salazar
  • “Zip lock bag ALL small items jewelry, down to silverware. And toss out any trash in bins. EVERYTHING gets moved including the trash! And purge. Always purge before a move.” -K. Rakoce
  • “Organize each room and put similar items together, especially if they’re small. Use gallon bags to keep a drawer of pens, silverware, small bathroom items, craft supplies, and the junk drawer together.” -Michelle King
  • “Accept that your boxes will never be packed how you want them to be packed; there will be way too much paper to wrap a single fork and never enough to pack your favorite fragile keepsake; TAKE PICTURES of everything really valuable and record serial numbers for anything that has one!” -N. Couturier
  • “Separating express shipment items and blocking them off in room with nothing else if able.” -K. Yerby
  • “Take pictures of everything you care about before hand. Sit back and let them do all the work- they’re getting paid for it and you’re just getting in the way. Budget money each duty station to buy new furniture at the next post. Have an estate/PCS move sale and sell everything, use that money plus the budgeted money to buy new stuff at the next place. If enough of us start doing this we can just eventually create “switching places” estate sales. Keep all the books and gym equipment for your partial dity, they pay for themselves eventually and weigh the most while taking up the least amount of space. -K. Homme,
  • “Group/organize like items together and section it off. Pre-pack clothes and private items into plastic bins before moving day.” -M. Gephart


The Last Thing You Need to Know about Preparing for the Movers

Having the movers come out and pack your whole house in a day or two is really a blessing.  I’ve moved across town and it took me way longer.  That being said, no one will care about your stuff the way you do… so get ready!  The packers are indiscriminate about what they pack.  So throw out anything you don’t want to see on the other end.  Even the stuff you think is common sense, like trash.  Make sure the stuff you want to take with you is well separated.  I liked Maria’s suggestion of putting it in a bathroom and not letting them enter that room.  Be organized and PREPARE!

Do you have a total game changer for preparing for the movers?  Share it!  Click the button below to let me know about it!

best tips for preparing for military movers

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  • Becca Wilson

    My parents have used movers before and it definitely saved them some hassle. These are some greast tips to be ready for them!

  • Flossie

    I love the putting all the “don’t touch” stuff in a small room and shutting the door/labeling “do not enter”! After my last move, my bro (who is not military but IS a federal employee) was in temporary housing for 2 mos til his permanent lodging came through, and when they finally got to unpack they found a box with things like a butter container ***with butter still in it*** and other similarly gross stuff that the movers had done when they weren’t looking! So yeah, the diaper genie fear is not that far-fetched!

  • Joshua

    Very well thought out article about preparing for military movers. These detailed steps are sure to be helpful for others in your situation.

  • Angela Tolsma

    I know for our next move we will be hiring movers as it’s just too much for us at this point but I haven’t really thought of the details of that, so this list is awesome!

  • Jennifer

    Honestly I feel like alot of these tips are perfect for any movers. We are getting ready to move and i need to ziplock everything!!

  • Stephanie

    I’ve always packed myself up for a move. But, we’ve discussed possibly having movers do it for us whenever we move from Texas since it will probably be back to Florida. I like the idea of one room or closet being off-limits for the stuff you want to pack.

  • Fly Away Godddess

    I think most of these skills I’ve developed over many years of moving. One thing I’ve lrarned no matter if the science is down moving isn’t easy but people moving for you takes the stress away so I am always for it !!!

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