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My Best Military Ball Yet!!

  And believe me, I’ve been to more than my fair share of battalion and brigade balls. I am so happy with how this year’s ball went!  From my dress, to the hotel and childcare, everything went off without a hitch and I would do it all again! Military balls are the crown jewel of military events.  They are a…

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How I Learned to Crush Training Exercises

I have such a love hate relationship with field training.  I hate how much time the army takes away from my husband.  It’s time that could be spent with me, it’s time that could be spent with our children.  Hell, it’s time that he could be fixing things around the house and giving me a break so that I can…

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I’m a seasoned military spouse looking to show independent women that they can flourish while navigating the military community. You’re a new military spouse, recently graduated and married to your high school/ college sweetheart.  You’re in a new town without your friends or family.  You’ve left your job that you loved (or at least liked) and now you’re struggling to…

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